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DIY Floor Pouf

Posted on by Paula Pellet

Hiya friends!  I have another crafty craft for you to try this week!  Sometimes you just need a little nook to read in or some extra seats when you have a lot of friends over—my DIY Floor Pouf is perfect for these!


Create your own Floor Pouf–perfect for a reading nook!

This is an easy peasy sewing craft.  All you need is:

DIY Floor PoufOnce you have your materials assembled, go ahead and cut 12 pieces of your fabric.  I found it’s helpful to create a cardboard template and cut them out using it.  You’ll need your template to be a triangle with about an inch and a half of straight edge at the lower end, and a base of 6 inches.

Sew 12 of your sides together to create a circle.  The edges will flip up to create a “bowl” of fabric.  Do this again with the other 12 sides.

Now, sew your 12 sides together and leave about a 6 inch opening.  You’ll use this opening to stuff your pouf with the plastic pellets and other filling.  Go ahead and stuff your pouf, making sure you get every nook and cranny fully stuffed—no one wants a sadly stuffed pouf!

Now comes the neat part.  Once you finished stuffing, secure one of your buttons to the bottom center of your pouf using your upholstery thread and needle.  Once it’s firmly in place, don’t cut the thread!  Instead, pass it up through the center of your pouf to the other side.  Pull it down tight and sew on the other button.  This will create the fun little “dips” in the center of your pouf!  After you secure the second button use the standard needle and thread to stitch shut.

Where you place your pouf is up to you!  The heft created by using Quality Plastic Pellets will help keep it from slipping and sliding around when you’re sitting, or keep it in place if you place your feet on it!  If you need to order my plastic pellets for this craft or any others, just click the link below.

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