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Weighted Graduation Gifts

Posted on by Paula Pellet

Hey there friends!  It’s just crazy how fast this year is blowing by, and in many places graduation ceremonies are coming up super fast.  What could be cooler than weighted graduation gifts? Here are some of my ideas for the special graduates in your life!

Weighted Autograph Graduation Cap


What could be cooler than weighted graduation gifts?

A creative way for your graduate to snag signatures from their classmates is a weighted autograph graduation cap.  The weighting will not only help comfort during stressful times like a weighted stuffed animal, it will help keep the cap grounded on its display.

The cap is really simple to create.  Just get a basic graduation cap sewing pattern.  The key here will be to use cotton for your fabric of choice; satin or other shiny fabrics bleed the ink as you write.   Pick your graduate’s school colors, and don’t be afraid of selecting the darker in the palette; fabric pens come in white, silver, or gold for legibility on dark colors!  Once you have your cap created, just draw an outline of the bottom of your cap on your fabric and stitch to the bottom of your cap.  For a standard sized graduation cap you’ll need about a pound of Quality Plastic Pellets and then a few cups worth of poly filling to make it fluffy.

Weighted Blankets for the Graduate

Regardless of your grad’s post-school plans, a weighted blanket to provide some comfort is a great idea!  This is especially cool if you create one using his or her school colors, or create a “signature” blanket.

Weighted signature blankets are fun and easy to do.  They are pretty similar to your standard weighted blanket creation, except for a key detail.  To make your fabric easier to write on, iron on freezer paper to the back.  This will keep it from slipping as people write on it.  Just place the shiny, waxy side down on the back of the fabric and use your iron on a low to medium setting to iron it on.  Use your fabric markers to gather signatures—make sure they say permanent since you’ll need this blanket to stand the test of time and washing machine!  Then, finish out your weighted blanket per the pattern.

I hope this helps give you some perfect ideas for weighted graduation gifts!  If you need my Quality Plastic Pellets to get started on your creation just click the link in my blog.  I can’t wait to see what you create!


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