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Decorating and Organizing with Plastic Pellets

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Welcome to SPRING, friends!  I’m so excited the weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and everything is becoming GREENER!  Green goes very well with my red hair, you know.  I was cleaning out my little crafting corner and thought I’d share a tip with you about decorating and organizing with plastic pellets!

Organizing with Plastic Pellets


Plastic pellets are a nifty thing to help keep your pens, pencils, paint brushes, and fiber art needles organized.

Did you know plastic pellets are a nifty thing to help keep your pens, pencils, paint brushes, and fiber art needles organized?  They sure are!  Just fill a wide-mouth container with your Quality Plastic Pellets and place your items in them upright.  Since our plastic pellets are weighted, they help keep your crafting item in place and at your finger tips.  Plus they won’t slosh around when you reach over to snag your item out.  I have a nifty container full of them that I keep my pens in.  What will you use?

Decorating with Plastic Pellets

Did you know you can also use your Quality Plastic Pellets as the lower level in a terrarium?  Just use them in place of rocks for a clean filling.  The weight of the pellets will help keep your terrarium from tipping but they’ll be much lighter than rocks—and your terrarium will be easier to move in case your surface needs cleaning or your plants just need a new view!

They can also make a cute little nest for any tiny tea lights you have.  Just fill a low container with your Quality Plastic Pellets and arrange your tea lights.  For safety, I recommend you using a battery-powered light.  I’ve seen them now that change colors and even flicker like candles!

I hope this gives you some neat ideas on what to do with your plastic pellets this spring.  If you have any fun ideas be sure to tell me on my Facebook page, or if you need to purchase plastic pellets for this or any of my other fun crafts, just click on the link below.


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