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March is National Craft Month

Posted by Paula Pellet

Hiya friends!  Does anyone know why March is such a spectacular month?  Because March is National Craft Month!  I couldn’t be more excited!

Why does crafting need a national month?  I believe it’s because we get so busy with all our day to day lives that we forget to take time and smell the paper flowers you just created on a rainy Sunday afternoon.  Crafting gives us time to spend within our imagination, creating something fun, beautiful, or with just the perfect amount of funky/useful for ourselves or someone we truly care about.


National Craft Month is here! What will you craft?

So how can you work crafting into your hectic, harried schedule?  First, make sure you choose a craft that is just perfect for you.  Think about if you need something that’s easily portable like fiber arts or drawing, or if you’re seeing something a little more grand and expressive like painting.  Then, start tackling your new technique a little at a time.  You’ll be a crafting pro before you know it!

Crafting Sewn Weighted Items

If creating weighted items is your new chosen skill, then boy oh boy do I have some terrific projects for you to try!  If you’re just starting out, creating something small like a weighted shoulder wrap, eye pillow, weighted lap pad, draft dodger, or hacky sack are perfect to craft.  Want to try something a little more advanced and super snuggly?  Try creating a bean bag pal or weighted teddy bear!  If your sewing skills are great, then why not tackle a neck pillow, weighted blanket, weighted vest, t-shirt weighted sensory vest, or a weighted vest for your furry friend?  Want to combine two quests?  Craft your way into the perfect Father’s Day gift for dad—corn hole boards and bags!

Crafting No-Sew Weighted Items

If you just aren’t that in to sewing, there’s still plenty of ways you can craft with my plastic pellets!  Try an I-Spy Ornament, I-Spy Bottle, or my plastic egg shakers!  If you need to order Quality Plastic Pellets for these or any other weighted craft, it’s sew easy (see what I did there??).  Just click the button below.

I surely hope this helps you nail down some ideas for crafting this month!  What’s your most recent craft you’ve completed for National Craft Month?  Be sure to show everyone on my Facebook page!

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