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Bake for Family Fun Month-Create a Weighted Apron

Posted by Paula Pellet

Hiya friends!  Did you know February is Bake for Family Fun Month?  I absolutely love it because I know that cooking is definitely good sensory play, super educational since you learn about measurements, and delicious!  What better way to celebrate this month than to create a weighted apron?  We’ll chat about that in a bit.

How can you get started celebrating Bake for Family Fun Month?  It’s simple!  Find an easy visual recipe like my marshmallow rice treats or any of the other delicious visual recipes on my Pinterest board, and bring in the whole family for a fun afternoon baking!  I’m positive your friends and family will love the results!DIY WEIGHTED APRON

If your creative juices are really flowing this month, you can also make a swell weighted apron that my friends will simply love to wear when baking with the family!  Adding my pellets to an apron will help calm and reassure sensory-sensitive bakers.  One added plus—if you create your weighted apron out of rubber, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or any other waterproof material, your weighted apron can double up as a smock for painting fun!


To create your own, download a free apron pattern that is double-sided.  Follow the instructions up until you’re stitching the two sides together.  Start on the bottom corner of the side of the apron, stitch up towards the neck and around the fabric, stitching it closed, until you reach the other bottom corner.   This will leave the bottom open.  Now flip it inside out!  Equally divide your apron into 4 parts by stitching through the apron up to where it narrows at the chest.

Next, pour equal amounts of Quality Plastic Pellets into each part and stitch across, sealing ¼ the length of your apron off.  Remember, your weighted item should only be about 10% of the person’s body weight.  Repeat this step 2 additional times, until you reach the top portion by the neck.  Pour your pellets into the narrower portion at the top, and use a slip stitch to stitch closed, making sure you stitch in the strap that goes around the neck firmly with the final seam.

I hope you enjoy this neat craft for Bake for Family Fun Month!  Have you created a weighted apron?  I’d love to see it!

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