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Weighted Blankets and Crafts for National Heart Month

Posted by Paula Pellet

Happy happy February, friends!  February is an extra special month because it’s National Heart Month!  The National Heart Association designated February as the month to remember to be good to our hearts through diet, exercise, and preventative health screenings.  To celebrate this lovely naming, I’ve compiled a list of fun National Heart Month crafts!


Create crafts for National Heart Month this February!

Weighted Heart

Let’s kick it off by creating a simple stitched heart.  You can fill a sewn heart with my weighted pellets to create a calming cuddler, and size it for your recipient’s needs.  It’s sew easy to create one!  Just print out an outline of a heart about a quarter inch larger than the size you wish to create.  Then, flip your fabric inside out and start stitching, leaving about a 2 inch gap to fill your heart with pellets and other stuffing you wish to use.   Flip your heart inside out and poke the bottom out so it creates the point.  Use a whip stitch to close your heart, and you’re done!  A fun use for these is to connect several in a chain to make a sweet weighted shoulder wrap to give a heartful hug when your recipient needs it.  You can also use these to create a fun Valentine’s Day-themed bean bag toss game!

Weighted Blankets for National Heart Month

Did you know weighted blankets are good for heart health?  Weighted blankets provide a calming effect for those suffering from anxiety and stress-related illnesses which can lead to heart damage.  It’s just another reason why everyone should have a weighted blanket!  Create a weighted blanket this month for someone you love.

Creating a weighted blanket in celebration of National Heart Month is easy!  Since red is the official color of the designation, create your quilt in shades of red, or check out my Pinterest board for some great free quilt patterns that incorporate hearts.

I hope this helps your excitement for National Heart Month bubble up! I can’t wait to see what you create this month.  Be sure to post your National Heart Month weighted crafts on my Facebook page.



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