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Online Resources for Learning Crafting

Posted by Paula Pellet

How is everybody’s National Hobby Month going?  I’m having such a blast this month talking about new hobbies and sharing resources on learning.  I’ve chatted quite a bit about learning to sew, which I think is great because everyone should be able to make a weighted blanket if they want to.  However, some of my friends said that they want to think outside their sewing basket this month and pick up something totally new.  Just for you fine folks I gathered together a little list of some amazing online resources for learning crafting.

Don’t have a feel yet for what you want to start doing?  Websites like Craftsy, About, All Crafts, HobbyLobby and HGTV contain tips for a multitude of different crafts you can try, or check out my Pinterest board on starting new hobbies.  And remember, I always have detailed instructions for weighted crafts you can create using my Quality Plastic Pellets in my blogs such as weighted teddy bears or weighted vests.  Check them out today!

I hope this helps you get your creative juices flowing this month!  If I missed a hobby that you think will make you happy, be sure to tell me on my Facebook page!

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