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Decorative Boxes for Organizing

Posted by Paula Pellet

Hiya friends!  It’s National Get Organized Week!  One of my favorite ways to get organized is by putting my favorite things in decorative boxes so I can stack them up and make my shelves clean and cheerful.  You don’t need to spend a pretty penny to have beautiful boxes, though!  I’ve got a couple of ways of creating stylish storage boxes to clean your craft room.

Rope Covered Boxes

This is a neat idea because you can reuse boxes you already have around the house!  You’ll need:

Start in the middle of the bottom of your box and glue a strip of rope down parallel to the long sides of your box.  You only need to do a couple of inches with the first piece.  Now slowly work your way outwards wrapping the rope around the outside of itself.   The bottom of your box should look like a spiral.  Once you’re done, you can start on the sides.  This should be a little easier.  Start in one corner of the box and follow along the bottom with your glue and rope.  Continue this until you reach the top of your box.

Now let’s do the inside!  Cut squares of fabric about a half in larger than the sides of the box and about 5 inches taller.  Fold the sides of the fabric down to “hem” them as you glue them to the corners of the box.   When doing the top, again fold down to “hem” and glue to the outside of the box for a cute fabric border over the rope.

Did you know you can use the above instructions for other items like cans to create pencil, needle or brush organizers?  It’s a really fun way to bring pretty to your project space!

Fabric Covered Boxes

instructions on how to do a diy fabric covered box

This one is easy peasy!!  You’ll need:

Take a large piece of fabric and a fabric marker.  Lay the fabric upside down and place your box in the middle.  Draw a line around the bottom of the box on the fabric.  Now, roll the box to the side and mark around the side of the box.  Sit it upright, and roll it again marking that side on the fabric.  Do this until you have all four sides marked including the bottom.  Trim the unmarked sections; you should have five sides connected by the middle section, in the shape of a cross.  Set the box on the middle fabric section, and start gluing the fabric sides up the sides of the box.  If you’d like, you can edge the sides of the box with the ribbon.  You can also do the inside of the box per my instructions above.

I hope this helps get your art area organized!  Don’t forget to post pictures of your finished boxes on my Facebook page.


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