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Fixing Damaged Weighted Items

Posted on by Paula Pellet

Hiya friends!  This week I want to chat about what to do if you damage your weighted items and the plastic pellets inside them.  Oh no—right??  Even as careful as we can be, sometimes things go wrong.  In fact, people sometimes message me on my Facebook page with questions about what to do if they damage their items due to tears, heat and more. That’s why I’ve listed out some of the major issues you can have and how to fix them, so your weighted items will continue to be loved!INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO REPAIR WEIGHTED ITEMS

Help! My Weighted Quilt has a Rip!

As well loved as our weighted blankets are, sometimes they take a bit of well-meaning wear and tear.  Resulting tears and rips can lead to escaped pellets and a mess!  Fixing a hole in a finished quilt can be pretty tricky.  There are two different types of tears and fixes:

Dryer Damage on Weighted Items

“I accidentally left my weighted friend in the dryer for too long/on high heat—what do I do?”  I’ve heard that a few times, so be assured you aren’t alone.  First, examine how badly the weighted item is damaged.  Washing the item by itself on delicate with ½ cup of baking soda should take care of a lightly singed smell.  For stronger odors, wash on delicate with 1 cup of vinegar.

Is your item still smelly?  You may need to replace the pellets.  Examine the weighted item with your nose.  Is the whole item equally crispy smelling or just a particular part?  Find the offending portions and use a seam ripper to gently open the damaged area and remove the pellets.  You can purchase new pellets here.  Fill with your new pellets, and then stitch shut (see the seam stitching instructions above).

I hope this helps fix your loved weighted items!  Do you have a weighted item salvage success story?  Share with me on Facebook!

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