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Hacky Sack Games

Posted by Paula Pellet

Hiya friends!  I hope everyone’s week is going super.  One of my favorite items to create with my plastic pellets is a hacky sack.  Once you’ve made this fun little toy, what kind of games can you play?  I’ve listed my very favorite below.

Hacky Sack Traditional Game

Stand in a circle with your friends.  The first player tosses the hacky sack to another player who lets it fall to his or her feet and kicks it around the circle.  Don’t use your hands!  This game is only for feet and knees!  You can also use your shoulders but don’t let the hacky sack touch your arm or you’ll be out!  The hacky sack is kicked around the circle until everyone has kicked it, which is called a “Hack”, or it falls on the ground.  If everyone gets two kicks it’s called a “Double Hack”.

You can even “stall” the hacky sack to prepare for your next kick.  Stalling the hacky sack means it’s landed on your head, back, face, chest or shoulders and you hold it for just a bit there.  This is normal for the game; just again remember not to rely on your arms or hands to get the hacky sack moving again.

To get the game going you’ll do one of three kicks: an inside kick happens on the inside part of your foot, an outside kick on the outside of your foot, or a toe kick that it on the toe of your shoe.

Copy Cat

With every player standing in a circle, the first player kicks the hacky sack over to the second.  The second player has to kick it exactly like the first then adds a new kick to the sequence.  Everyone in the circle has to copy all the kicks before him or her and add to it.  Once you can’t you’re out!


Everyone stands in a circle.  The first player kicks the hacky sack to the next, and it goes around to everyone in the circle until 21 kicks are made on the hacky sack.

Don’t Say Sorry

This is just like the traditional game but if you say “Sorry!” then you’re out.  This one’s fun for beginners because everyone messes up, this just makes it ok to move on!

3 Hack Pass

This is a fun one because it involves everyone in the circle fast!  Every player has to kick the sack three times then “pass” it by hitting the hacky sack with an open palm to the next player.

Making Your Own Hacky Sack

INFOGRAPHIC ON HOW TO MAKE A HACKY SACK FROM A SOCKIf you need to create a hacky sack, it’s as easy as pie!  All you’ll need is:

Ready?  Ok!  So cut the sock in half.  Take the bottom of the sock and fill it with plastic pellets until you can make a nice sized ball out of the toe of the sock.  Now, fold the extra sock in and stitch it shut with the needle and thread!  You’re done!  Need more instructions?  I have a full blog on how to create your own hacky sack.

Are you ready to play?  Just remember to stretch before you do any physical activity, make sure there’s nothing around you that you can knock into or fall over, and wear comfy shoes with wide, flat toes.  Do you hacky sack or have you used my pattern to make one of your own using my plastic pellets?  I’d love to see pictures of it or hear how much you enjoy playing these games, or any others you know of.  Be sure to tell me in the comments below or on my Facebook page.

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