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Taking Your Best School Photo

Posted by Paula Pellet

Hiya!  Everyone is back to school now and it’s great to see all the fun my friends are having in class.  One thing that everyone keeps chatting about is back to school pictures!   They’re coming up pretty quickly and getting that perfect picture is a lot of work.  I’ve taken all the best tips and tricks for getting the most amazing photo and listed them below for you.

Choosing the Best Outfit

young photographyWhat’s the most important part of choosing your school picture outfit?  It has to be something you’re comfortable in!  Choose an outfit that expresses who you are without being over the top—your best bet is a slightly nicer version of the clothes you wear all the time.  After all, you want to look like your amazing self, right?  Speaking of looking your best self, don’t make any huge appearance changes the week of the photos!

Colors are SUPER important when deciding what to wear on school picture day.  Pick a color that pops out from your skin.  If you have light skin, then pick a vibrant color like a pretty blue, or something dark and rich.    If you have dark skin then you can go for a light color that really makes your photo amazing!  Just try to steer clear of plain white since it absorbs the light and usually isn’t flattering.  Black is always a safe bet for photos because it will go with any color backdrop the photographer or the school uses.

Crazy patterns, sparkles and glitter will detract from your smiling face and should be avoided.  Big logos are bad, and shirts with words and letters on them may look odd in the photo.   Always try your outfit of choice on before picture day and look at yourself in the mirror from your chest up.  If you are staring at your shirt then so will everyone else when they see your picture!

The night before your big picture day, lay out your outfit and try it on if you haven’t already.  Make sure everything fits ok, there are no stains on your clothes, and you enjoy what you’re wearing.  Decide on how you’re going to fix your hair and get a great night’s sleep.  You don’t want to look too tired in your picture!

Smile for the Camera

Take some time to practice your best smile in the mirror.  It may seem so silly, but practice always makes perfect and smiling for your best school photo is no exception!  Get comfortable with your smile. You can even ask family members what they think.

Your Hair

For school picture day you should bring a comb or brush with you to fix your hair before the picture.  If the pictures are after lunch make sure you bring a toothbrush and toothpaste with you so you can brush right before and get your teeth pearly white!

Sit up Straight

For the photos, remember to sit up straight!  A tall back and straight shoulders make you look nice and alert!  You can also ask many school photographers to see the picture preview—if you really don’t like it they’re usually very nice about taking another one.

I hope this helps you put your best face forward for your school pictures this year.  What do you do to prep for school pictures?  Make sure you tell me in your comments below or on Facebook!


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