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Inexpensive Family Fun Time Ideas

Posted by Paula Pellet

We just get so busy-busy with our daily lives that many times we forget to schedule the most important thing each week – family time!  I’ve got some great ideas on things you can do as a family that won’t cost a lot of money and give you maximum fun.

Outdoor Fun for the Family

Hiking is an amazing activity for kids of all ages and those on the autism spectrum.  The key for the entire family to enjoy this activity is taking things slow; begin with a short trail and work your way up.  Many parks post trail information online now so before you go you can discuss what to expect on the trail or what animals you might see.  Try playing I-Spy during the hike by tasking everyone to find different leaves, moss, or birds.

Playgrounds are great for kids of all ages.  City parks are great about listing playground locations online, and many are nice enough to detail accessibility.  Bring a blanket, some snacks and drinks and have a picnic while everyone enjoys playtime.

Indoor Fun for the Whole Family

Movie day is a great way for the family to have fun together.  Try going during a matinee, so ticket prices are less and the theater won’t be super busy.  Many theaters allow you to buy your tickets online, so there’s less lag time between arriving and finding your seats.  Some movie theaters, such as AMC Theaters, are even scheduling “sensory friendly films” for family outings where standing, dancing, and talking are ok and the volume of the movie is softer.  Check online or give your local theater a call for availability.

Bowling is a fun sport for the whole family and pretty cheap too!  If this is the activity for Bowling Rulesyour family, before you head out to the lanes sit down and use a visual guide to discuss the basic rules of the bowling alley and the game.

Plan a Family Meal

Want a stay-in option?  Try having a family cooking night where everyone has a part in meal prep.  Visual recipes, like the ones I’ve posted on Pinterest, are a great help when preparing a family meal together.  Make sure everyone in the family knows what they’re helping with and even designate what their clean up is after the meal.  Want to add to the fun?  Try playing music for the meal theme like Spanish Music for Taco night or banjo music for BBQ!

Stay Home for Family Fun

Board games can be great fun for the whole family.  Rotate who gets to select the game or put the names of games on pieces of paper and draw them from a bowl.

How about a movie night at home?  Pick a fun family movie and drag out the bean bag chairs for a great night in front of the TV.

Remember, all these activities are about the family having fun together.  If an activity becomes too stressful, don’t worry about leaving it and trying again another time.

What does your family do together to spend time with each other?  Share your great ideas in the comments below or on my Facebook page!

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