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Making Your Own Friendship Bracelets

Posted by Paula Pellet

Hi, friends!  The third week of August every year is National Friendship Week, so I thought this would be a great reason to work on some friendship bracelets for some of my favorite people and give you the instructions to make your own.

Let’s start with my favorite part—colors!  Beyond just being pretty, did you know your favorite color says a lot about you?  I’ve listed out a few of the characteristics that go along with colors.  You can pick out what matches your special person, and make a custom bracelet just for them!  What colors match you?

Once you’ve picked out your colors, decide on what material you want to use.  The very best is embroidery floss, which you can get anywhere that sells crafting materials.  It’s strong, thin, comes in a variety of colors, and is pretty inexpensive, too.  Any type of thin string or yarn can be used, though.

Basic Braided Braceletbasic friendship bracelets

Let’s start with a basic braided bracelet.  You’ll need: 3 strings, cut to about 18 inches each, scotch tape, and a flat surface that you can put tape on like a table or even a shoe box.  Tie a knot in the three strings, binding them together and leaving about a 3 or 4 inch tail.  Tape the tail down on your flat surface.  Now you can start braiding!  To do a basic braid, mentally label your strings A, B, and C.  Basic braids have 3 steps:

Repeat these three steps until you have enough to create your bracelet then tie a knot to end it.


Simple Knotted Bracelet

Choose 3 or more strings for this one, but give yourself at least a yard for each.  Knot and tape like the instructions above.  Then do these five steps:

Do these steps until you have the length you want, and then knot to end and cut off the unneeded tail.

Middle Knot Bracelet

For this bracelet you’ll need four strands.  The two center strings only need to be about a foot or so, but make the outer strings about a yard; these will be the colors you’ll see in your bracelet.  There are only three steps with this one:

Repeat until you’ve got your length, knot and cut your excess tail off.

Are you ready for more?  Check out my Pinterest board for some really neat ideas.  Make sure you post your finished friendship bracelets on my Facebook page.  I love seeing what you’re up to!

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