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Celebrate National Simplify Your Life Week

Posted on by Paula Pellet

Hiya friends!  Wowwee it’s been a busy week!!  Between sending out pellets to all my friends and seeing what everyone’s been up to on my Facebook page, I’ve hardly had any time to myself!  I think that’s one reason why National Simplify Your Life Week is so great for us to discuss.

Simplifying is different than organizing; it means prioritizing what makes you happy, and getting rid of things that don't.

Simplifying is different than organizing; it means prioritizing what makes you happy, and getting rid of things that don’t.

Always the first week of August, this week doesn’t mean put all your pellets in colored bins (although that really sounds like fun to me!!).  Simplifying things is different than organizing because it means getting rid of the things that keep us from enjoying the world around us.  Take a look at your life this week and examine from how many socks you have to any bad thoughts that make you sad—and get rid of them!  Being happy is the way to be!

Learn to Say No

What are the best ways to simplify?  Start with the hardest—learning to say “no”!  It sure is hard to tell my friends no when they need my help or when they have fun activities planned because I really do love making other people happy!  Sometimes, though, saying no is what you have to do to keep yourself contented.

How do you say no?  Well first, don’t avoid saying it.  Sometimes we put off saying no because we’re afraid of being mean to the person asking.  Being up front with your no lets the asker find another way to tackle his or her situation sooner.  A good rule is if it’s been a week or more and your mind can’t let you say “yes”, then you need to go ahead and say “no”.

Keep your “no” short and sweet like this, “I’m sorry, Katie.  I can’t go play Friday because I already have a lot to do.”   Remember that saying “no” isn’t mean and doesn’t tell the asker that you don’t like them.  It just means that they are important to you, and you don’t want to give them a “yes” that you don’t mean.  Keep your schedule uncluttered; learn to say no when you need to!

Simplify your Living Space

Learning to say “no” will help de-clutter your schedule, but what about your living space?  Tackle this one in small doses—try getting rid of one item a day or put non-seasonal things in a box and wait 30 days then donate what you didn’t miss.  Check out our Pinterest page for other great de-cluttering and organizing ideas.

Avoid Multitasking

Everybody always talks about being a good multi-tasker.  I’m focusing this week on making myself good at single-tasking!  Try doing one activity at a time, getting that activity done correctly and well, then moving on to the next task.  You might just be surprised at how much you can get done when you do one thing at a time!

Think Positively 

Making your life more simple means getting rid of stuff you don’t need–bad or sad thoughts included!  Start this week by cutting down on complaining and give yourself credit for the good things you’re doing.  You are an “A Plus” person to someone, so start thinking that way!

Do you have other ideas on how to simplify your life?  I just love hearing from you!  Tell us in the comments below or on Facebook.

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