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DIY I-Spy Bottles

Posted by Paula Pellet


Hiya, friends!  Summer is a great time of year, isn’t it?  I know my family likes to travel in the summertime, which is really great because I get to see new places and family I haven’t seen for a while.  The only bad part is sometimes car rides can get really long.

To keep from getting bored I like to bring my favorite books and I-Spy Bottle with me.  My I-Spy Bottle is great for road trips because I can tote it along pretty easily in my backpack and it doesn’t make much noise, which may be bad in a long car ride.

Do you have an I-Spy Bottle?  If you don’t you can make one!  It’s very easy and pretty fun to do.  First, think about what you want in your I-Spy Bottle.  Are you making a pink-only bottle?  Do you want it to be all animals?  Go around and gather up your small trinkets or “find-ables” as I like to call them.   Try to have around 10 to 15 find-ables depending on how big of an I-Spy bottle you want to create.  If your find-ables are pretty small then you can use more.  Remember to make your find-ables different!  If you have 6 plastic army men then you won’t know which ones you’ve spied and which you haven’t!

The next step is finding a clear plastic bottle.  Don’t buy one!  Just recycle an empty bottle.  There’s a lot of really fun water bottle shapes out there so finding the right bottle for you can be a fun activity in itself.  Make sure your bottle is the right size.  If it’s too small then you won’t be able to fit your find-ables in it, or if it’s too big and it will be too heavy to carry around!  A good rule is bring your biggest find-able with you and see if you can fit it in the bottle.  Also make sure that the lid screws back on so you can seal it correctly.  Once you’ve decided on your bottle, set it upside down for about a day or so, to get all the moisture out of it.  You want it nice and dry!

Once it’s dry, go ahead and start filling the bottle.  You can use either my clear pellets, black pellets, or a mix of both colors.  You should fill the bottle about 4/5 full of pellets.  Put your find-ables into the bottle and screw on the lid.  Now shake!  Do your pellets and find-ables move around freely but are still hidden?  Then you did it perfectly!  If not, don’t worry, just remove some pellets or add more in.

Once your perfect pellet pack is achieved then you’re ready to seal.  Do you remember the awesome duct table I told you about in the Plastic Egg Shakers instructions?  You can use that again!  Lay your bottle on its side, then take your duct tape (the macaroni and cheese duct tape is still my favorite) and gently seal around the lid.  When you’re done you won’t be able to see the space between the lid and the bottle.

All sealed and ready to go?  Excellent!  Be sure you post your finished I-Spy Bottle pictures on my Facebook page.  I love to see what you create!

If you would like to purchase plastic pellets for your I-Spy bottle, here is where you can order-

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