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Make Your Own Plastic Egg Shakers

Posted on by Paula Pellet

Music for everyone!  That’s what I like to hear!  This week let’s make that a little bit more possible by creating some musical instruments on our own.

First, go find the empty Easter eggs in the house.  If you’re a good egg finder like me, you’re sure to have dozens!!  If you don’t have any, you can also use the plastic bubbles from the toy machines at the grocery store, or a combination of both for different sounds.

Your next step is filling your eggs with my Quality Plastic Pellets.  A spoonful or three should do it, depending on how you want them to sound.  Go ahead and close them and give them a shake to try it out!

Last, take some really fun duct tape.  I’ve seen pink and purple, sparkly, even macaroni and cheese duct tape!!  Cut ½ inch thick strips of the tape and slowly pull around the egg or bubble at the seam to seal.  If you’re using the bubbles from the supermarket make your strips a little wider since the lip is more pronounced.

There!  You’re done!  Now you can shake, shake, shake along with a song or to your own beat.

Have ideas for other DIY instruments?  Did you create the egg shakers and want to show off your fun finished project?  Put them in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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