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PTSD Awareness

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In 2010, Congress declared June 27th as PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) Awareness Day and since then, the month of June has been dedicated to spreading PTSD Awareness. PTSD can take place after a person experiences a severe trauma in their life. This trauma can occur from something they saw, heard or an event that happened to them at any point in their life. Many people associate PTSD with people who experienced trauma while serving in the military. However, PTSD can happen to anyone.

Therapeutic Weighted Items

Weighted blankets and weighted lap pads are great items to help calm a person with PTSD. Many times, people suffering from PTSD have trouble sleeping and often wake up with night terrors. People suffering from PTSD also experience a great deal of anxiety. Weighted blankets provide pressure to muscle tissue releasing serotonin to the brain, which helps the body calm down. Weighted lap pads are a smaller option which provide the same calming effect as a weighted blanket. Both weighted blankets and weighted lap pads are simple and inexpensive to make. If you would like to make one yourself, see our blogs about DIY Weighted Blankets and DIY Weighted Lap Pads.

“Learn ~ Connect ~ Share”

PTSD can be treated or even cured in some cases. Please keep in mind weighted blankets and weighted lap pads are not a medical treatment, but something to help during treatment. The National Center for PTSD shares great material with lots information about PTSD. Their three main focuses are to learn, connect and share when raising PTSD Awareness. For more information on PTSD and to help spread PTSD Awareness, please visit

We invite you to share your PTSD Awareness resources, suggestions and items you’ve made on our Facebook page.  If you would like to purchase pellets to make a weighted blanket or weighted lap pad, here is where you can order-


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