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Preparing Your Autistic Child for Summer Break

Posted by Paula Pellet

School is out and summer break is finally here, WE ARE FREE! Every kid looks forward to summer- hanging out with friends, attending summer camps and having some fun in the sun. Unfortunately, changing everyday routines, going to new places and meeting new people can be extremely nerve racking for children and teens with autism.  They can become anxious, aggressive or shut down when put in these situations. I know this can be difficult for families, so here are some handy tips to help you prepare your autistic children and teens for these stressful transitions.

Structure and Security

Autistic children and teens need structure. Let your child help make the plan for this summer. Schedule some summer activities, sign up for summer camps or even plan a family vacation. Post the summer schedules daily so your child always knows what the plan is. This will give them the structured routine they are used to getting from school.


Make your child a weighted blanket out of old tee shirts

For autistic children and teens, long vacations, summer camps or even moving into that college dorm can cause a great deal of anxiety. When their surroundings become unfamiliar, it can create an unbearable amount of stress. Weighted blankets are often used to relieve stress for children and teens with autism. To make these weighted blankets extra comforting this summer, take your child’s old tees or a familiar fabric from around the house, make a quilt and follow my instructions on how to make a weighted blanket. Not only will the weighted blanket calm your child, but the familiar patterns, textures and smells will give them a greater sense of security and relief.

What Weighted Blankets Have You Made?

Please share some photos of your customized weighted blankets with me! I would love to post your stories and photos on my Facebook Page! I hope your children have a wonderful summer break. I know I will!

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