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Share the Weight! for Autism Awareness Month!

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Fabrics for weighted blankets

So many fabrics…so little time!

Hello! My name is Marci Prose and I started a little organization called Sharing The Weight in June of last year. I was featured in one of your blogs last year, so I will spare you all the details. But basically I started Sharing The Weight to make 3 blankets in June of 2013 to give away to the AEA in honor of my son’s 3rd birthday in July of 2013 since my son had just been diagnosed ASD in May of 2013. After our first weekend we had made 12 blankets! At this point we have made and given away 133 blankets FREE to special needs children!! We have sent blankets to 22 different states now!! We have made just shy of 800 pounds of blankets!! We accept donations but do not require them. Some families pay for shipping while others haven’t. We bought quality Paula Pellets for our second party and have since been using any donated Paula Pellets we can since financing has been tight.

Plastic Pellets for weighted blankets

This looks like an efficient operation!

We would love to receive 100 pounds of Paula Pellets!! We would put them to good use since we are slowly running out and we have another 65 blankets on the waiting list. We are working on getting our 501(c)3 but it will be another few months before we receive it. At that point fund raising should get easier but we have to get to that point. Right now I’m dedicating about 3 Saturdays a month to making blankets. I am going to include pictures of our latest blanket making party that was held on April 5th in Bloomfield, Iowa. We got 8 blankets finished that day working from 10 am until 5 pm! 🙂 One of my friends made the contraption in the first picture, it helps us fill the Paula Pellets into the blanket more efficiently. We can fill 4 pockets at a time. We had 6 sewing machines going at one time 🙂 at one other party we had 8 people sewing at one time!!!

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