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A Simple DIY Eye Pillow

Posted on by Paula Pellet
Do Not Disturb eye pillow

Shhh…we are thinking very deeply.

There is one thing we know well here at Paula Pellets HQ: weighted items do wonders when you are talking stress relief. We know weighted blankets and vests are very helpful for veterans with PTSD, people with autism, and even nervous dogs! So, we went to the craft laboratory and started to experiment with other ideas and came up with a doozy. A quick and easy project that can help you relax. It’s great for travel too! You can even make it from the scraps of other projects. Here’s how to make your very own weighted eye pillow.

DIY Weighted Eye Pillow- what you will need:

DIY Weighted Eye Pillow- how you make it:

  1. Fold the plain, square of fabric in half, then stitch around one long edge and short edge, leaving about a quarter inch of space.
  2. Turn the pouch inside out and fill it with the pellets.
  3. Fold the open end over and stitch it shut. Make sure it is nice and tight, so none of the pellets try to escape!
Photo courtesy of TinyApartmentCrafts via Flickr

So many fabrics to choose from…which one do you like?

Now make the pillow case.

  1. Select a side, and fold a half inch of the fabric over so the wrong sides are touching. Pin it down and stitch a straight line across.
  2. Fold the fabric so the correct sides are touching.
  3. Stitch closed one of the long sides and one of the short sides.
  4. Turn the pouch inside out and there you have it!

“Why”, you may be asking yourself, “do I need a pillow case for an eye pillow?” We are so glad you asked! The internal pillow is machine washable, unlike those made with rice or scented herbs. You can add scents inside the case if you’d like and, of course, keep the case clean without having to wash the entire pillow. Also try putting the base pillow into the freezer for a while to cool off on a hot day or place on an injury. There are so many little uses for it!

There are so many uses for our plastic pellets, and we are sure you have found a few as well! Let us know what incredible crafts you are making with our pellets on our Facebook page, and we’ll share them with the community. Now we are off to relax after all of that hard research…

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