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Weighted Teddy Bears, More Than Just A Fluffy Friend!

Posted by Paula Pellet
weighted teddy bear, image courtesy of Rd. Vortex on Flickr

I want to be hugged!

I recently discovered a new playmate with a very important job. My new friend is a weighted teddy bear. It would seem that he is just another extension of the weighted crafts and therapy products that I talk about all the time, but these bears are different – they provide comfort to grieving parents.

There are a handful of companies across the United States that make and sell these bears and they all have one thing in common: they were started by a parent who suffered the devastating loss of a child.

What Are Weighted Teddy Bears?

Sometimes called Angel Bears or Comfort Bears, just like weighted blankets these weighted teddy bears provide comfort in several ways. In addition to being a snuggle worthy teddy bear, they are custom made to weigh a certain amount. Parents can be comforted by placing the bear on their chest to replicate the feeling of holding their baby. These bears can be customized with an article of clothing such as a onesie, pajamas, or even a big flower headband. It’s the little touches like these that many parents love most about their Angel Bears.

One of the larger organizations making these weighted bears is Molly Bears. The owner, Bridget, found first hand what a difference a weighted bear made in her grieving process.

“I was given a weighted teddy bear from a dear friend from high school. This bear weighed three pounds. In an effort to have a bear that weighed the same as Molly, I bought a shell and a package of rice. In the middle of the produce aisle, I carefully weighed rice, fluff and the shell. I am sure people thought I was crazy, but I did not care. I went home and with my children and husband, we created the very first Molly Bear. For the first time in weeks, I was able to sleep holding her. It was then that I knew I had to find a way to help other angel families.”

I was so inspired by her story that I started to research a little bit more. What I found is that there are several non-profits that provide these bears to families, in addition to places you can purchase them – but they can be a bit expensive. Most have a waitlist, and some take 6-8 weeks, but the finished product seems to be worth the wait. Since I know that I have some skilled crafters reading this, it was fitting that I share a tutorial on how to sew your own bear or any animal that may be special to you.

If you’d like to make a weighted teddy bear yourself, here’s a step by step blog on how to make a weighted teddy bear by Joy Kelly, a crafter who created the blog “How Joyful”. Joy used poly filling for hers, but for this project you will want to use plastic pellets to add the desired weight.

If you’d like to make your own weighted bear, you can find free and adorable teddy bear patterns on Joy’s blog or check out this sewing community, and I just happen to know where you can find some of the best stuffing material for weighted crafts. Once you are done with your teddy bear project share pictures with us on Facebook, we look forward to seeing your fluffy friend!



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