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DIY Tutorials – How to Make a Weighted Vest

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weighted vestOver the last few weeks, we have been discussing all of the benefits of having a weighted vest. They are great for calming down people with hypersensitivity disorders, physical therapy and for adding a little more intensity to many different exercises. The fact that this is such a versatile piece of equipment begs the question “How do I get one?” You can buy weighted vests, but they are very expensive. These vests start at around $60 for some of the lighter ones, and can go up to $160 for a heavy one. The solution that I prefer, and I am sure you will as well, is to make one yourself! It is a good craft project to work on, and you can customize it with special fabrics to fit the person you are making it for.

The Best Online Tutorials to Make Your Own Weighted Vest

How do you make one, you might ask? There are many places on the web with suggestions, patterns, and other tips on how to do it yourself:

The best thing about projects you do yourself is the level of flexibility and customization you can integrate into them. They are also much less expensive than buying something, all it costs you is a little extra time! These are all just suggestions of places to begin; there are quite a few other places online where you can discover ways to create a weighted vest.

You can buy stuffing material to serve as the weighted component from us! Our plastic pellets do not break down over time, and you can wash and air dry the weighted pouches of pellets without worrying about mold or breaking them. When you are done with your marvelous creation, share it with us on Facebook! We love to see what you are working on. Have fun making your weighted vest!


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