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Go Clean Your (Craft) Room!

Posted by Paula Pellet
A clean and neat craft room.

Look how great this space is! It really makes you want to get in there and do some work.

We are just getting started in this grand New Year, so you are probably still working toward all your resolutions. If you resolved to get fit, quit a bad habit, or spend smarter, you’re in the majority, as these rank among the top ten resolutions.  Getting organized is another goal in the top ten, and in this blog, that starts with an organized craft room.

You know how it starts. You are working on a project, you get wrapped up in it, and when you are done you do not quite clean everything up. You leave a few buttons here, some thread there…and next thing you know you have a mess.

Not this year! I am going to help you reach your goal of an organized craft room with a few simple hints. A clean and inviting craft area is going to inspire you to create!

Here’s how to organize your craft area in a few simple steps:

  1. Create a space designated for your crafts. Ideally, you would have a room dedicated just for your crafts. If that is not possible, you can section off part of a larger room with a temporary divider to make one. This will keep all of your craft supplies in one place, so you are not looking all over the house for a pair of scissors or the pins. You can even clean out a large closet and use it for your space. Anything to keep your supplies in one place!
  2. Purge old materials.  Those three scraps of REALLY CUTE fabric you were saving for the right project? The half used (and possibly sealed shut) bottle of Modge Podge you have? The craft magazine you bought because of the adorable project for your newborn niece (who is now four)? Get rid of all of the things you have been collecting because you might need them later. Like pruning flowers, getting rid of the clutter will help make room for things you need, or want to work on.
  3. Decorate the space so you WANT to work in it.  Now that you have a great space to work in, spend some time decorating it! There are plenty of places to look on Pinterest for ideas on how to decorate your deign, and other craft enthusiasts are always good sources for inspiration on what to do to make your space fun, inspiring, and organized.
  4. Group your supplies in a way they are easy to access and remember.  Think about how your local craft store is organized. All of the painting supplies are in one place, the scrapbooking things are just around the corner, and the fabrics are in plain sight of all the thread. Look how easy they made it for you! Make it just as easy for yourself and put all the materials for certain projects next to each other.
  5. Spend a little time cleaning up at the end. Your bean bags for the cornhole set you are making for Memorial Day are finished! Or maybe it is the weighted vest you have been working on for your child. Spend ten minutes putting everything back at the end of your craft time. This will help keep the area inviting  the next time you start working, you will spend less time looking for materials and more time on crafts!

Go Clean Your (Craft) Room!-min

Are you as excited as I am about getting your craft room organized? This is a small sample of ideas that you can use to make your craft space more inviting. If you have a craft room you’d like to show off, share photos on our Facebook wall or tweet them to us @PaulaPellets! Good luck with all of your other resolutions, since you now have this one covered!


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