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DIY: I Spy – Your own Personal Christmas Ornaments!

Posted by Paula Pellet
Boxes of various Christmas ornaments

Why buy these when you can make your own beauty?

Are you ready for the holidays? This is a great time of the year, with all of the fun music, family and friends all around you, and it’s a wonderful time to make holiday crafts together. One of the outstanding handmade craft I discovered is an I Spy ornament! The best thing is that it is a fun project the whole family can do together.

I Spy bags are perfect toys to take with you on long trips, or just as something around the house while your child is waiting. You can move the pellets around to find different surprises in it, and add a tag so people know what to look for. You can do the same thing with a clear ornament you can get at almost any craft store! Fill the ornament with little snowmen, Santas, boxes, or any other tiny and appealing objects. It’s also fun to add items meaningful to the person getting the gift. Remember that whatever items you choose, they have to be able to fit through the small hole at the top of the ornament. Here is how you put together an I Spy ornament.

What you need:

How to Make It:

  1. Take the metal cover and loop off of the plastic ornament.
  2. Put some of the small toys in the bottom of the ornament. You want to make sure these are durable items.
  3. Fill the ornament about half full with the plastic pellets. Remember to not make them too heavy if you want to hang them on the tree!
  4. Put a few more of your small trinkets on top of your pellets and shake them around to mix them all together.
  5. Put the metal piece and loop back onto the ornament. Use the hot glue gun to make sure the weight of the ornament does not pull the pieces apart.
  6. On the card, in very nice handwriting, write down all of the items that are in the ornament. You can also print something off from a computer and glue it on the card.
  7. Use the ribbon to tie the card to the ornament.

These are just the basics, as there are so many fun things you can add into the mix to make it different! You can color Epsom salts and add those into the ornament. You can buy some letters or other decorations to make the outside pretty as well. Ornaments usually come in sets, so you can make them for quite a few people at very little expense! The ornaments are somewhat heavy, so if you are going to hang them on your Christmas tree, use fewer pellets to make them lighter.

We love seeing your creative projects on our Facebook page, so if you make some of these please share them there. Have as much fun as you can during the holidays, they only come once a year!

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