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DIY: How to Make a Draft Dodger

Posted by Paula Pellet
Rainbow draft stopper

The cold outdoors is no match for this draft stopper!

Baby, it’s cold outside! At least where I live, it is. When the temperature goes down, the heat in the house has to go up so we can stay warm and, if you live in an older house like me, you know how drafty they can be when the cold wind sneaks in through windows and doors. I guess the wind wants to get warm too!

Those drafts can make a room downright chilly. Not only that, but now your heater has to work harder due to inefficient insulation, costing you extra money. In fact, did you know in an average house in the U.S. up to 50 percent of heat is lost through drafts? That’s why I recommend making a draft dodger, also known as door socks, or draft snakes. I know my mom has a few she pulls out every winter, and they really help. They are an inexpensive solution that could lower your utility costs.

You can make your own draft stopper pretty easily with some fabric and Plastic Pellets. You can even make them as gifts!

How to Make Your Own Draft Dodger using Plastic Pellets

What you need:

What you need to do:

  1. With the measuring tape, measure how long the space is you want to cover. Then add two inches on each side just to be sure it fully covers.
  2. Cut the fabric you have chosen the same length as you have measured the door or window to be, and 8” wide.
  3. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise with the sides you want to see when it is finished touching. Then pin them together to make a long empty rectangle.
  4. Stitch one of the ends closed, and also the long pinned side of the fabric. You want your dodger to hold together for a long time, so make sure that the stitch you use is a strong one. You can even use double stitch to reinforce it!
  5. Now that you are done sewing up tight, pull the tube inside out, showing off the incredible fabric you have selected!
  6. Fill the tube with the plastic pellets! Leave a little room at the end to finish sewing up the hole you are pouring them through. You can also use a funnel to make sure you do not have pellets going all over the floor, where pets or small children can get them.
  7. Fold the last of the fabric over, and sew it shut, making sure those stitches are as tight as the ones on the other sides.

Choosing a durable fabric is a good idea, as your draft dodger will get a lot of wear.  Old jeans and old socks work well, but you can also make it match the décor of the room so it all blends in! You can even make a draft dog (like a daschund), a draft cat, or any draft animal you can imagine! It is a really simple sewing project, so it’s a great family craft too.

Remember when you are done to show off your project on my Facebook page. Happy sewing!

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