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Tips To Deal With Boredom: Make an I Spy Bag

Posted by Paula Pellet
Toys for your I Spy bag

What will you fill your I Spy bag with?

Sometimes having to wait makes me fidgety. Long trips on vacation, waiting in a restaurant, or even just being bored at home can make me nervous and whiny.  I’ve discovered that I Spy bags keep me entertained while I’m doing all that waiting! I Spy Bags are fun craft projects you can make with Quality Plastic Pellets and customize for any season and interest! They make great gifts too, especially for all my friends with Autism and sensory processing disorders. But trust me, everyone loves them!

An I Spy bag is full of plastic pellets and little toys hidden among the pellets.  You make the bag out of fabric and leave some room for a clear vinyl window. The fun part is moving the plastic pellets around in the bag to reveal the toys inside. It’s like a treasure hunt!

Parents and caregivers: I Spy Bags can help with tactile therapy, since the bags are naturally weighted and the act of searching for the items inside is tactile too. There’s also the texture of the fabric. To make your I Spy Bags really fun try putting a list of the items in the bag on the back attached with a ribbon so everyone knows what to look for.  Here’s how to make your own I Spy Bag.

How to make I Spy Bags

I Spy bags are easy and affordable to make.  You need:

Once you have gathered all of your items, here is how you make it:

  1. Measure and cut two fleece fabric to the dimensions desired. We recommend about 8” by 8” for all of the items. You can make them smaller or bigger if you want.
  2. Cut out a 3-inch square in the center of one piece of the fleece.
  3. Place a thin piece of clear vinyl over the opening. Make sure to cut the vinyl piece at least an inch bigger, so you have enough for sewing.
  4. Sew the clear vinyl onto the fleece.
  5. Put the two pieces of fleece fabric together with the inside facing outward, sew around the edges and leave a 3-inch opening at the top.
  6. Turn the bag right side out. You now have an empty I Spy bag!
  7. Collect approximately 35-45 items to put in the bag. They can be pennies, marbles, button shaped animals, dolls, butterflies, stars, or anything else you can imagine! Add your items to the bag. (Make sure to list all the items to assist in finding them.  You can print the list and cover it with contact paper or you can also attach the list to the bag with a ribbon.)
  8. Place the items in the bag and fill it with plastic pellets, making sure to leave enough room to move all those fun things around.
  9. Stitch the open area shut.
  10. Start playing!

Make I Spy Bags for different seasons or holidays, or even different shaped ones! Leave one in the car and one in the house to play with. Give them to your friends as gifts too!

We look forward to seeing all the great bags you create, so share them on our Facebook page! Get started by ordering your plastic pellets below. Now to see if someone will make me the penguin one I have always wanted. Toodleoo!


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