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Why Plastic Pellets make the best Corn Hole Bags

Posted by Paula Pellet

Summer is such a great time to get together with family and friends, eat, and play a few relaxing games out in the yard while it is warm and sunny. One very fun game that people play is Cornhole, a game pretty close to horseshoes but without the danger of throwing a hard metal object at someone.  You can go out and buy your own set for cornhole, but there are plenty of people that make their own. The American Cornhole Association (ACA) has guidelines for the size and angle of each of the boards, as well as the size and the weight for all of the bags. One of the bigger debates you will find when you are filling the bags is what do you fill it with? I looked all over the internet for the right answer and

Cornhole board and bags

Fun times ready to be had by all!

discovered that the debate comes down to two possible fills: corn (naturally) and plastic pellets. Here is what I found about each one.

The people who think corn is the best way to go bring up the name of the game first. It is called CORNhole, not plastichole. The ACA specifications also call for two cups of feed corn to fill the bags for official tournament play. Many players also enjoy the fact that as the corn breaks down; it adds a fine powder to the boards (“dust is a must”, as they say), helping the bags slide a little more on the surface. The corn breaking down is also a disadvantage, changing the weight and feel of the bags. If they get dirty, they are also harder to clean. Storing bags with corn properly is also very important. Leaving them out could expose them to mice and other animals that would try and get the corn, or soak them in the rain.

Plastic pellets are a great choice because they do not break down, maintaining their shape and weight for as long as you have the bags. Did you forget to put your bags away after the big family reunion? No problem! If they got wet, laying them out flat will help the fabric you made the bags out of dry really quickly. Any mud or dirt that they have picked up can be washed off just as easily. No mice or other small animals are going to want to eat your bags, either! They do change the strategy for how you play the game. Our Quality Plastic pellets are going to have a little more bounce in them when they hit the board, and a little less slide. It might take some getting used to, but with enough practice you can get the hang of this throwing style.

If you are going to make a cornhole set, you are going to want it to last a really long time! Our pellets will make sure your bags last summer after summer, with good memories to be made for all. You can order a nice big bag of pellets from me and have plenty to make a set. I have plenty of cornhole practice…but I do not play much since I am also full of plastic pellets and do not want to get confused for one of the bags! Bye!

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