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5 Reasons To Make a Weighted Dog Vest

Posted on by Paula Pellet
Dogs Running - Tips to Make a Weighted Dog Vest

These dogs have so much energy, one of them is flying.

There have been quite a few stories in the news lately about how pets can help children with autism, which is one of the reasons I love pets so much!  Pets love you right back, but you have to take care of them.  Feeding them, taking them to the vet, and letting them out in the yard is only part of it. You have to make sure they maintain a healthy weight, keep them feeling safe at home, and that they are well behaved around other people. One way to help with all three of these is through the use of a weighted vest!

Weighted vests offer many benefits to people; they also do some good things for our four legged friends:

Weighted Pet Vests help calm an overactive dog

Do you take your dog for a walk, or does your dog take you for a drag? If you have a hard time keeping up with your dog on a walk, the extra weight will help calm them down. While you are out walking with your dog, the extra weight will also help them build muscle.

Weighted Pet Vests help increase exercise

If you have a dog that is very active, the weighted vest is a good way to help them burn off some extra energy while they are running around the back yard. If you have a dog that is overweight, a weighted vest can help your friend get back to a healthy weight.

Weighted Pet Vests help calm an anxiety prone dog

For dogs that are a little more nervous, the extra weight in the vest can help to calm them down, like a hug from their owner! The extra weight will tire them out a little more, making them calmer in situations where they would normally be anxious.

Weighted Dog Vests help focus and burn energy in aggressive dogs

Extra energy can also make some dogs a little more aggressive. The weighted vest can help them with any behavior issues they may have. Caesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer, in his book Caesar’s Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog Problems, says that weight in backpacks “almost always calms a dog down. ” Dogs respond to the extra weight as giving them a function, and they like having something to do!

It’s cheaper to make your own weighted dog vest

While a weighted vest may be expensive to buy (they can cost upwards of $100), the best part is that they are easy to make for an affordable price! When you are making your own, you can customize it to your own dog’s needs and you can choose the fabric you want for it. Fabrics should be durable but light so your dog does not get too hot in it. Give it plenty of pockets, so you can add all of the appropriate weights in the right places.

Things to have in mind with a weighted dog vest

There are a couple things to remember about dogs and weighted vests. Dogs under two years old are still growing, and adding extra weight could add too much stress on the puppy. You also don’t want to add any more than ten to twenty percent of your dogs’ weight to the vest. That will depend on how riled up they are or how much you want to work them out.

The best part is though they may be expensive to buy, they are not too hard to make! While I like this article for the pattern, it recommends sand as filler which isn’t the best choice. Instead, use Plastic Pellets to weight the vest as they are durable, easily washable (try washing sand) will dry quickly (sand gets heavy if your dog plays in the water) and non toxic.

Here’s where to order for your next weighted project. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook for more creative ideas and I encourage you to share some pictures of your dogs wearing the vest!

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