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5 Uses for a Weighted Vest

Posted on by Paula Pellet

When you get your bag of plastic pellets in the mail, the first thing you’ll notice is their weight. They may be small, but when you use enough of them in a craft or sewing project they can really add significant weight. One popular use for plastic pellets is a weightedvest. Weighted vests are vests with pockets that contain weighted bags that can be filled with weighted vestplastic pellets, and can be adjusted depending on your needs. Some of them look just like the vest I like to wear; some of them have a lot more pockets!

Here are five of the best reasons I have found to use weighted vests:

Weighted vests have a great deal of practical uses, from the gym to the office; so it’s a great idea to make one for yourself! You can order some quality plastic pellets to fill your weighted bags and start making your own vest.

That reminds me, it looks like I may want to add some pockets to my vest. I have some sewing to do!  What else do you use plastic pellets for? Share your ideas with all of us on our Facebook page.

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