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Create weighted blankets & vests for children with Autism!

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Child with Autism vest

Create I-spy bags with Quality Plastic Pellets

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Fun filled I-Spy bags

Stuff Cornhole Bags with Quality Plastic Pellets

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Cornhole bags on board

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We offer pellets in a variety of quantities - pick the option that fits your DIY project. Several options have shipping costs included!

Craft Ideas

What do people use plastic-pellets for? Weighted blankets, cornhole bags, I-spy bags, life-size dolls and more! View all craft ideas.

We Ship to Canada!

We ship pellets to Canada and there are additional costs applied.
Estimated shipping charges are:
17lb- $50
If you want to have pellets shipped to Canada contact us for purchasing arrangements.

About Our Pellets

Quality Plastic Pellets sells only the highest quality plastic pellets. Polypropylene pellets are the perfect weighted stuffing material to give your craft project the flexibility and form you are looking for. Please confirm the pricing on your order before submitting. Quality Plastic Pellets are a petroleum based product and prices may reflect in the market.

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